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Galatians and Romans

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Galatians and Romans

Brendan Byrne

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  • ISBN-10 : 0814633242
  • ISBN-13 : 978-0814633243
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Of all the writings of Paul none have made so signal a contribution to Christian life and identity as the Letter to the Galatians and the Letter to the Romans. While written at quite separate stages of his apostolic career and very different in tone, the two letters unite in projecting above all a common Vision of God as a God of grace. Both call for a human response of faith and love, from which will flow a Christian life lived in freedom and hope.

This commentary brings out these positive emphases in Galatians and Romans, while also remaining sensitive to the part these letters have played in divisions between Protestants and Catholics, on the one hand, and Christian caricature of Judaism, on the other. The aim is to clarify and shed light where Paul can be obscure as well as to bring out the full riches of his powerful presentation of the Good News for the life of believers today.

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