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Genesis and the Moses Story (Inglese) Copertina rigida – 30 giugno 2010

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  • Copertina rigida : 472 pagine
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1575061528
  • Editore : Eisenbrauns (30 giugno 2010)
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Konrad Schmid is a Swiss biblical scholar who belongs to a larger group of Continental researchers proposing new directions in the study of the Pentateuch. In this volume, a translation of his Erzvèater und Exodus, Schmid argues that the ancestor tradition in Genesis and the Moses story in Exodus were two competing traditions of Israel's origins and were not combined until the time of the Priestly Code--that is, the early Persian period. Schmid interacts with the long tradition of European scholarship onthe Hebrew Bible but departs from some of the main tenets of the Documentary Hypothesis: he argues that the pre-Priestly material in both text blocks is literarily and theologically so divergent that their present linkage is more appropriately interpreted as the result of a secondary redaction than as thematic variation stemming from J's oral prehistory. He dates Genesis-2 Kings to the Persian period and considers it a redactional work that, in its present shape, is a historical introduction to the message of future hope presented in the prophetic corpus of Isaiah-Malachi.

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